About Me

photo by Dean Hoffmeyer

I have lived all my life in the Atlanta, Georgia area and began playing the banjo in 1980 at the age of eleven.  My interest in bluegrass music in general, and the banjo in particular, stemmed from my dad who became an instant bluegrass convert when he heard Earl Scruggs’ “Dear Old Dixie” over an out-of-town radio station late one night as a boy.

It was at the Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival in 1990 that I got my first chance to play a completely original prewar five-string flathead Mastertone thanks to Larry Perkins. I haven’t been quite the same since. When I realized there was no place on the web devoted to these wonderful old instruments, I decided it would make a fun project.

I currently play banjo and pedal steel guitar with the John Driskell Hopkins Band.  I also teach private banjo lessons and am available on a flexible schedule, both days and evenings, in the Atlanta area.

Thanks for stopping by. . .


Greg Earnest