Gibson RB-2 #9487-12

The style 2 of the 1930s was, like style 11, a lower-priced model which dressed itself up through the use of a pearloid fingerboard and peghead overlay with stenciled designs.  Unlike style 11, however, style 2 limited its pearloid veneers to the neck; the resonator was walnut with single white binding on both edges.  The hardware was nickel-plated.  Style 2 banjos were not Mastertones and had no true tone ring, but did have the same three-ply maple rim and one-piece flange as the Mastertone models of the period.  The fiddle-shaped peghead of the 1920s was retained on style 2 as well as style 1 in the 1930s. 

This example is an extremely rare original five-string.  Ralph Stanley played an original RB-2 during the early career of the Stanley Brothers. 

Photos courtesy of Players Vintage Instruments.