Gibson TB-1 #9877-8

The style 1 of the 1930s was one of Gibson’s lowest-priced banjo models.  Lot #9877 dates to 1930 and, in an example of Gibson’s legendary production idiosyncrasies, every TB-1 that has surfaced from this batch features the engraving pattern of the gold-plated, engraved Granada model on the tension hoop; banjos from lot #9877 also feature four resonator lugs rather than the three typically seen on style 1 banjos. 

#9877-8 was customized by a previous owner with the application of glitter and rhinestones to the front of the peghead; glitter was also applied to the outside of the rim.  A coat of lacquer has been applied to the fingerboard and an artistic scene has been painted on the vintage calfskin head.  The majority of the hardware was previously spray-painted silver; the paint has since been removed from the tension hoop, flange, brackets, resonator screws, and tailpiece, although it remains on the gear housings of the Grover “two-tab” tuners.  The binding is missing from the bass side of the neck and there are several unexplained small holes inside the back of the resonator.

#9877-8 surfaced in Illinois in August 2017.