Gibson TB-2 #8439-83, the “Edgar G. Scott”

In the 1920s, style 2 was the fanciest non-Mastertone in the Gibson banjo line.  This circa 1926 example has an eleven-inch maple rim with bracket shoes and a flange with diamond-shaped openings.  The presence of a veneer on the bottom edge of the rim indicates that the rim is likely constructed of blocks rather than the more commonly seen three plies.  The hardware is nickel-plated and the wood is maple, with attractive figure in the resonator back.  The tone ring is a simple tubular design and the tailpiece is the Grover Presto model that was also used on the lower-priced Mastertone models.  The fingerboard inlays were also used on Gibson’s Nick Lucas Special flattop guitar of the period.  The original owner of #8439-83 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) was Edgar G. Scott, a resident and one-time mayor of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Sullivan.