Gibson TB-2 #8975-11

Style 2 was the highest-priced non-Mastertone in Gibson’s banjo line in the 1920s and 1930s; this tenor-necked example dates to 1928 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers), one year before the model changed to the one-piece-flange, walnut design with pearloid peghead and fingerboard inlays as seen on #9729-43, the “Donald Hall”.  Typical of the style 2 for this period, #8975-11 features dark-stained maple, a “bracket-shoe” pot construction with hexagonal holes in the flange plate, and inlays as used on Gibson’s Nick Lucas artist model guitar.

The one unusual feature of #8975-11 is the presence of six tuning pegs, indicating an aftermarket (and almost certainly non-factory) conversion to guitar-banjo, although the tenor neck width would make the fretting of six strings quite difficult.

Photos courtesy of Cory Teitelbaum.