Gibson TB-2 #9546-9, the “Ross MacGregor”

The style 2 of the 1930s was the highest-priced non-Mastertone model, selling for $75 when the entry-level Mastertone, style 3, was $100.  As on the style 11 and Kel Kroydon banjos, Gibson added visual appeal to the style 2 through the use of a pearloid fingerboard and peghead overlay with stenciled designs.  The neck and resonator are walnut, the hardware is nickel-plated, the flange is one-piece, and the tailpiece is a Grover Presto rather than the Grover “first model” usually seen on lower-priced non-Mastertone models.

The original owner of #9546-9 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) was Alpine Rosslyn MacGregor (born March 5, 1895), a native of Canada and World War I veteran who played it with a group on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Mr. MacGregor is believed to have bought the banjo from Volkwein’s Music in Pittsburgh.

Photos courtesy of Danny Stewart.