Gibson TB-3 Mastertone #8041-48

In 1925 Gibson introduced the flange and resonator arrangement which is still used in their banjos today.  This year also saw the introduction of the “Mastertone” designation for the higher-end banjo models which featured Gibson’s new ball bearing tone ring. 

The least expensive Mastertone model, style 3, was also the most popular.  It featured a red-stained maple neck and resonator with single white binding on the neck and the back edge of the resonator, a two-piece flange, a grooved tension hoop with flat brackets, nickel plating, a Presto tailpiece, a fiddle-shaped peghead with Grover tuners held on by two screws, and a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with diamonds and squares inlays. 

In 1925 only, the Mastertone designation was inlaid on the peghead, under the Gibson logo, rather than in a block on the fingerboard.

Photos property of Elderly Instruments; used with permission.