Gibson TB-4 Mastertone #276-3, the “Mateo Quintana”

In 1929, style 4 changed from the earlier mahogany model with two-piece flange and fiddle-shaped peghead to the version seen here.  The wood is burl walnut with two rings of marquetry inlaid in the back of the resonator.  The flange is one-piece and the hardware is plated with chrome rather than nickel.  The peghead is the double-cut type and the inlays are in the flying eagle pattern.  The model was discontinued in 1937 and this example is from one of the last known lots of style 4 banjos. 

#276-3 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) retains all its original parts with a refinished neck and resonator and a small repair to the flange.  The lining of the case is marked with the name of an earlier (and likely the original) owner, Mateo G. Quintana.

Photos courtesy of Joe Spann.