Gibson TB-4 Mastertone #9332-4

In 1929 the second model up in Gibson’s Mastertone line, style 4, changed specifications from mahogany with nickel plating and a tube-and-plate flange to walnut with chrome plating and a one-piece flange.  #9332-4 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers), from one of the last lots of tube-and-plate style 4 banjos, can be considered a transitional example in that it features chrome-plated hardware while all other specifications are typical of the earlier 1920s design. 

This banjo is currently set up with a reproduction five-string neck by Robin Smith; the original inlay pattern, beginning at the first fret rather than the more typical third, has been replicated on the five-string neck.

Photos courtesy of Jim Schroth.