Gibson TB-75 Mastertone #934-4

1937 was a year of great change in Gibson’s banjo line.  Mastertone models 46GranadaFlorentine, and All American were discontinued and replaced with the new top-tension styles 712, and 18.   Of the previous Mastertone models, only style 3 survived; its price was lowered from $100 to $75 and, in keeping with Gibson’s new fashion for naming instruments after their prices, was renamed style 75.

#934-4 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) was originally shipped to a Dale Potter in care of Eastern Musical Supply on November 9, 1936 and listed as a TB-3; the banjo was returned to the factory and, when it was shipped to the Grossman Music Company of Cleveland, Ohio on August 10th, 1937, it became the first banjo to be designated a style 75 in Gibson’s shipping ledgers.  #934-4 remains in excellent original condition with fully intact nickel-plated hardware, mahogany neck and resonator, leaves and bows inlays, and a forty-hole archtop tone ring.

Photos courtesy of an anonymous collector.