Gibson TB-Florentine Mastertone #8682-1

The Florentine was introduced in 1927 and was one of the most ornate banjos ever produced by Gibson. 

The Florentine featured a pearloid peghead overlay inlaid with rhinestones in what was meant to be a bouquet of flowers but is commonly referred to by collectors as an “ice cream cone”; the fingerboard was also pearloid and was decorated with hand-painted scenes not of Florence, as one would expect, but Venice.  The neck heel, peghead back, and resonator were elaborately carved and painted, and all hardware was gold-plated and heavily engraved. 

Typical of most Florentine, #8682-1 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) features a two-piece flange and a forty-hole archtop tone ring.  The tailpiece is a Grover two-hump clamshell.  This banjo remains in pristine condition with virtually no playing wear to the fingerboard scenes.

Photos courtesy of Raiford Rustin.