Gibson TB-Granada Mastertone #9557-3, the “Dark Granada”

This Granada dates to 1930 and has been converted to five-string flathead with a neck and tone ring by Steve Huber.  I’ll leave the description to this beautiful gold-plated, engraved Mastertone’s current owner:

“It is hard to say if it ever had a ‘guarantee’ decal.  At some point a fake decal was installed and then later removed.  The tone ring is a Huber Vintage model.  The flange is original prewar but it has been replated.  The rim factory order number is over-stamped; the 9557 is clear, but the bin number is an 8 stamped over a 3.  The chalk number is gone from the resonator but the enamel is still in place.  The sunburst on the resonator is very dark, almost like a Cremona sunburst on a Loar mandolin.  I call this one the ‘Dark Granada‘ because of the finish.  The stretcher band is pot metal and very worn.  There is almost no gold plating left but the copper flashing shows through in several places.”

Photos courtesy of an anonymous collector.