Gibson TB-Granada/TB-5 Mastertone #9261-8

This banjo bears the factory order number #9261-8 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) stamped inside the rim, which belongs to a batch of TB-Granadas dating to 1929.  The tone ring is a forty-hole raised-head type as seen on Granada banjos of that date; the walnut resonator and remaining hardware are of the style 5 type dating to circa 1926.  The walnut five-string neck by Gary Price features the wreath inlay pattern with wooden marquetry on the back of the peghead as seen on style 5 Mastertones.  #9261-8 was formerly owned by renowned luthier Snuffy Smith of King, North Carolina.

Photos courtesy of Eric C. Newell (Gruhn Guitars) and William B. Anderson.