Gibson UB-4 #F380-19

The ukulele-banjo, or UB, was one of the most popular banjo-family instruments produced by Gibson in the years before World War II.  While the vast majority of these instruments were lower-priced models, Gibson did produce some higher-end UBs with style numbers which would put them in the Mastertone line, although the uke-banjos with their small-diameter pots lacked the tone rings of the Mastertone models.  #F380-19 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers) is a style 4 ukulele-banjo that was shipped on June 11, 1940 to South African Gibson dealer H. Polliack and Co., Ltd.  That day’s shipment to Polliack contained banjos in no less than five neck configurations, including ukulele-banjos in styles 4 and 5 as well as style 11 banjos with tenor, plectrum, five-string, and mandolin necks.

Photos courtesy of an anonymous owner.